About Us

Who We Are

VEGAN-A-PORTER is an online destination for conscious consumers who refuse the old habits of our over-consuming, throw-away society. We present the finest vegan fashion from brands around the world, all under one beautifully-curated roof without sacrificing ethics for style or quality – or vice versa.

Our Mission

Our big, hairy, audacious goal is to make animal-free fashion accessible and aspirational for everyone, whether vegan or just looking to make good purchase decisions.

We will be the go-to platform for vegan and eco-friendly products where we help you to make a positive impact on the world through the choices you make about what you buy.

We aim to increase the number of and success of smaller businesses which combine a love for fashion, a desire to make a difference and a passion for creating beautiful, high-quality and unique products.

VEGAN-A-PORTER will provide a space where conscious consumers can make a difference by choosing less harmful materials, without having to compromise on style or quality.

Our community operates in line with our five key values – make a difference, inclusiveness, honesty, growth and take action.

Meet the Founder

Our Story

VEGAN-A-PORTER was founded by Jelena in May 2019, after having become vegan half a year previously due to health issues. She was struggling to find vegan handbags that didn’t look like a plastic bag from a supermarket. After a lot of digging around on social media, Jelena discovered a world of stylish and eco-friendly lifestyle brands.

Determined to show the world that high-end, beautifully designed vegan and eco-friendly fashion not only exists but is thriving, she created VEGAN-A-PORTER to curate and share the very best of what’s out there, to help inform and inspire our everyday purchase decisions.
With you, Jelena wants to create an unstoppable movement that helps the world ditch animal products in fashion forever.